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Ivan Kayima

Founder, Spiela

The Social Entrepreneur

Ivan came to NEF with a keen interest in entrepreneurship and social awareness. His passion stems from his drive to better his own circumstances following a challenging childhood. NEF provided him with connections, gave him confidence and opened doors that helped him get ready for starting impactful businesses. His placement at Plentific, the online homes services marketplace, taught him about the many facets of running a business and how to execute.

After his NEF year, Ivan launched Spiela, a collaborative online network that helps young people from diverse backgrounds learn and engage with influential people in their fields of interest.

He is a go-getter who believes in the power of business to help people from all walks of life.


I’m lucky to have been part of NEF and have had the gulf between myself and those that can help support my business idea closed. NEF has given me the opportunities to help me get Spiela off the ground. It has boosted my self-confidence and my belief that I can be an entrepreneur and lead a successful venture.

Ivan Kayima
Founder, Spiela

The programme

We are on a mission to develop the entrepreneurial leaders of the future. We are here to give you the confidence, training, skills and access to networks to help you launch game-changing businesses.

We have designed a unique 12-month programme that will help you fulfil your potential. For many, the NEF year has been transformational – we look forward to taking you to the next level.  

Work placement

Learning & development

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Your NEF year - What to expect

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