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Why join NEF?

Why join NEF?

You see opportunity everywhere and are excited by innovative fast-growing businesses. If your dream is to be an entrepreneur, the New Entrepreneurs Foundation will provide you with a transformational experience. You know you have the grit to start game-changing businesses and we will help you realise your potential.

NEF opens doors. Be part of a collaborative community and gain access to networks that will help you become a confident entrepreneur.

Whether you are straight out of university, without a degree, or an aspiring entrepreneur ready for a career change, turn your ambitions into a reality.

What’s stopping you?


Work placement

We believe in learning-by-doing. You will spend a year working within entrepreneurial teams at innovative organisations.  You will work alongside founders, CEOs and senior management teams. This will allow you to gain valuable insight into how fast-growing businesses work. Learn from inspirational people on a daily basis, have a real impact – and - earn a salary.

Learning & development

We take you from idea to launching your business. We will equip you with essential skills and give you the confidence to put your entrepreneurial drive into action. We’ve teamed up with top business schools and learning providers to give you a unique hands-on education in entrepreneurship. You will learn and grow.

Coaching & mentoring

We take a personal approach to help you fulfil your potential. We match you to an executive coach to bring the best out of you and challenge your thinking throughout the year. They’ll support you when things get tough. Your business mentors will act as your sounding board to test your business ideas and strategies. Honest and actionable feedback.


We like to be social and we love to hear from inspirational people. Our events are a chance to build your network. Hear from some pretty amazing entrepreneurs and learn how they’ve dealt with failure and success. This is your opportunity to quiz them and get your voice heard too.


We believe that an entrepreneurial mindset needs to be celebrated and set free from a young age. This is why we encourage you to go into your local communities and schools to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. We’d like you to give back.   

Your NEF year - What to expect

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